PVC Molding Houston TexasWhen considering plastic injection molding materials for your product there are many properties to consider. We have provided general characteristics for many of the commodity, engineering and performance grade plastic materials to help guide you to the best material for your application.  We are providing a 4 step guide to help with material selection.

1.  Application – Begin with a thorough understanding of the product application.

    • Where it will be used?
    • How long it needs to last?
    • What environmental and mechanical conditions will the product be exposed?
    • What cosmetic or other performance characteristics do you desire for your product?
    • What economic or cost constraints do you have for your product?

2.  Material Properties – To be able to effectively evaluate and select materials it is important to have a general understanding of plastic material properties and the standards used to measure performance.    UL IDES provides an excellent resource to understand these properties.  UL IDES Material Properties.

3.  Select a material family – Once you have a good understanding of the application and material properties you can begin narrowing your search to a family of plastic resins.  You can use the following charts to help narrow your search to a few materials or review summary descriptions of the most commonly specified materials in our Thermoplastic Material Guide below.

4.  Specify Material – Use the UL IDES Materials resource to pull up manufacturers material data sheets to review specific materials and match their performance to best suit your application.  Additional performance can be achieved by compounding materials with alloys, fillers and additives.  The Engineers at Texas Injection Molding help guide our customers through the complex material selection process to find cost effective solutions with the right performance characteristics.

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Thermoplastic Material Selection Guide