Plastic Injection Tooling & Injection Mold Tool Design

Tooling Services

Plastic injection tooling includes shaping and producing the metal components of a mold that will give a product its final shape. Tooling requires careful planning so that each casting cavity and core box of a mold is perfectly designed to manufacture products that will meet required specifications.
Plastic Injection tooling

Injection Molding

Texas Injection Molding is your premiere provider of plastic injection mold and tooling services. We have years of experience in serving industries such as firearms, food and beverage, energy, electronics and business equipment and many others. We understand the need to be precise in injection mold tool design and maintenance. We remain flexible and knowledgeable in any situation that may arise during the manufacturing process. We are here to guide you in the right direction. The heart of everything we do revolves around the tooling for the injection molding process.  Our engineering and management all have led and managed injection molding tooling shops. We deliver the experience of in-house tool design/build and a network of N. American and global relationships of “world-class” partners to deliver cost effective molds all built to Society of Plastic Industry mold building standards.

Plastic Injection Mold Repair & Maintenance Services

Tool maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and consistent processing performance.  Texas Injection molding employs routine preventative maintenance procedures on all injection molds as specified by our customer or engineering to ensure proper performance.  From time to time tools may need additional maintenance or repair due to normal use and will be reviewed and quoted to our customer before work is completed.

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