Plastic Injection Molding & LED Lighting Manufacturing

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Having experience in the lighting industry and supplying injection molded components for several LED lighting products, Texas Injection Molding is uniquely positioned to add value to our customers in the areas of utilizing injection molded components in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

LED technology is rapidly bringing the benefits of low-cost lighting options to a variety of products in many industries. LED lighting technology has given designers new imaginative options to bring lighting to applications never before possible. LEDs are much more energy efficient, significantly extend the service life and are environmentally sound.

The more efficient lamps are allowing for new designs of traditional lighting products and numerous new applications previously not practical or possible with traditional lamp technology.  We have seen opportunities to add LED technology to safety products, firearms, consumer products and industrial controls allowing brand owners to distinguish their products and add value to the end user.

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To meet the fast-growing engineering demands material manufacturers are investing in the development of transparent, light diffusing, flame retardant and thermally conductive and reflective injection molding grades of materials for many end use LED lighting products. The market will continue to grow as injection molded components with new plastic molded materials reduce the component costs of housings, heat sinks, sockets and reflectors.

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