Custom Injection Molded Badges & Nameplates

Product identification nameplate

Product ID Badge Hot Stamped with Red Foil

In today’s market product branding is essential to differentiate your product in the market and is a primary strategy in building value.  A well-established brand creates trust, customer loyalty, higher margins and facilitates the path to market for new products.  The brand is a signature that the company puts on their product. 

We recognize the value of the company brand and the impact a quality label, custom injection molded badge or nameplate can add to your product.  We bring decades of experience manufacturing product identification and labeling for the world’s most recognized brands.  We look forward to working with you to help enhance the badging and branding of your product with custom injection molded badges and nameplates.   

Injection molding provides high visual impact and cost-effective dimensional logos that are durable and can be applied in many product applications.  Injection molded nameplates are ideal for high volume, high quality badging and nameplates. 

Application Development:

  • We work with your marketing and design team to explore the applications and offer solutions to compliment your specific product.


  • Individual letters
  • Dimensional variation
  • Complex geometry with fine lines


  • We work with your team to specify the most cost-effective material for your application.
  • The most common materials for injection molded nameplates include polycarbonate and ABS.  However other materials may be recommended for chemical resistance or harsh environments.
  • Water-clear, custom colored, translucent, metalized
Product Identification nameplate manufacturer

Product ID Nameplate ABS hot-stamped with silver foil


  • Precolored plastic resin can be custom color matched to the company brand colors and can be give the look of metal with many colors of metalized plastic resins.  UV additives can be added to prolong color fastness in outdoor applications and direct sunlight.
  • Vacuum metalizing allows for complex geometry to be molded and metalized giving weatherable high-quality chrome plating
  • Hot stamping can selectively add mirror, brushed, anodized, or custom textured metalized film to the surface of any nameplate
  • Pad Printing and Hot stamping can transfer multiple colors and complex pre-printed logos to the surface
  • Selective texture can be added the plastic to include high gloss, matte finish and custom patterns only limited by your imagination.
  • Hydrographics provides the ability to decorate molded plastic parts with durable images such as camouflage, woodgrain, carbon fiber and hundreds of other stock patterns.
  • In-mold decoration is a process where printed or laminated films can be formed to the shape of your part and inserted into the cavity side of the mold.  The injection molding process fills the complex geometry below the surface of the part that when completed yields a finished decorated part from the mold. 
  • Urethane doming can provide depth and protection to the plastic by selectively dispensing clear urethane to the surface of the molded plastic. 


  • Pressure sensitive adhesive can be engineered to work with extreme temperatures, harsh environments, textured and uneven surfaces
  • Molded in bosses allow for mechanical screws to permanently fasten nameplates from the back without marring the surface
  • Molded in clips allow nameplates to fasten to fabricated metal louvers and permanently press into mounting holes to provide very efficient installation during assembly
  • Metal fasteners can be mechanically or heat staked to plastic nameplates and badges to create a variety of fastening options.
  • Parts can be molded to accommodate flat, curved, stepped or other geometric surfaces.