Injection Molding Houston TexasA “world class” custom molder consistently produces products to specifications through well maintained proper tooling and process control in the injection molding operation.  The Engineering Group at Texas Injection Molding develops, documents and monitors production processes to ensure repeatable and dependable part quality from shot to shot.

We operate injection molding machines from 55 ton to 825 U.S. tons with a maximum 115 oz. shot capacity.  Machines are modern, well maintained and calibrated to ensure consistency from shot to shot.  We have experience molding commodity and engineering materials including HDPE, PP, ABS, SAN, PS, PC, PBT, Nylon, GF Nylon, TPU, TPE, POM/Acetal, PPS and many custom compounded engineering resins.

Texas Injection Molding has capability of operating tools with multiple core pulls, hand-loaded cores, unscrewing cores and experience in insert molding.

If we can help you with your project please call us at 281 489-4292  or use our Contact Form.