Warehouse, Packaging & Logistics

Texas Injection Molding Headquarters
Warehouse and Logistics

Texas Injection Molding supplies custom plastic injection molded components to many OEM manufacturers. Our dedicated Service Team works as a part of our OEM partners supply chain management professionals.

Our ERP systems provide our team and OEM clients:

  • Real time status of open orders
  • Live status and scheduled completion dates of production orders
  • Finished goods inventory status
  • Management and reporting of freight carriers
  • Coordination and support for OEM supplied freight carriers

This Real Time information is available to all of our Service Team. One of our core values is to anticipate customer needs and meet those needs prior to being asked. In this spirit Texas Injection Molding can automatically generate custom reports to provide status updates and push vital information to our Client OEM Supply Chain professionals at specified days and times. In addition to communication and freight management, Texas Injection Molding provides other packaging and inventory management systems to OEM clients.

Custom Packaging: Texas Injection Molding provides supplies bulk pack or can provide custom packaged products for OEM Clients. This includes returnable trays, custom kitting, mechanical sub-assemblies, and packaging in customer provided containers.

Traditional Manufacture and Ship: In addition to pushing reports on production status, Texas Injection Molding provides ASN (Advance Shipping Notices) and has the ability to integrate shipment tracking data, quality control data and lot control documentation from our systems directly to our OEM client systems. Custom labeling and barcoding of shipments is an available option.

JIT Inventory Management: In many instances Texas Injection Molding manufactures and maintains specified inventory of critical custom plastic injection components ready to ship as pulled as required from our OEM Clients.

On-Site Inventory Management: Texas Injection Molding has the capability to supply directly to our OEM client manufacturing lines on a daily basis to minimize or eliminate on-site inventory of plastic components and other distributed supply items.

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