Food Grade Plastic Injection Molding

What is food grade plastic injection Molding?

When manufacturing products that will have direct contact with food for human consumption or used in the preparation, storage and cleaning of food and beverage products, it is important to use materials that are compatible and recognized as safe to use.  Injection molding is a very efficient and safe manufacturing process when proper materials are utilized.

Food grade plastic manufacturingFood and beverage product applications

Working closely with many product designers, our engineering team reviews design for efficient manufacturing, material specifications, tooling design and manufacturing planning.

  • Food processing equipment
  • Food or Beverage filling and conveyor systems
  • Beverage filtering and dispensing
  • Food storage and serving
  • Kitchen utensils and tools

Capabilities & compliance

In addition to offering material review, Texas Injection Molding coordinates with the global chemical companies and resin producers to source specific resins for engineered applications and provides Engineering support for material selection assistance. Our material capabilities include:

  • Food Contact Safe Resins
  • GMA-SAFE compliant
  • FDA Compliant
  • ISO Certification

To find a complete list of our offered materials and material services, visit our Plastic Injection Molding Materials page.

What type of plastics are used in food grade injection molding?

There are many applications where plastic materials are well suited for use in products for food and beverages.  It is important to understand the environments that these products will be used during the life cycle.  Will they be exposed to freezing temperatures, high heat, cleaning chemicals, or UV exposure in outdoor products?  Will you include additives such as color, fillers or processing aids that need to be food compatible?  Does the application require rigid, flexible, soft, smooth or tacky materials?  All of these applications require careful consideration, however plastic materials approved for food contact are available to meet all these product demands.

Food grade plastic injection molding manufacturers:

The south central United States is home to many national and multi-national food manufacturers, distributors and manufacturers of food service and dispensing equipment. Texas Injection Molding has been closely involved in the design, specification and manufacturing of products to many leading OEM’s in the food and beverage industry.  Working closely with Eastman Chemical, we were involved in the development of the Eastman Tritan material that has excellent chemical resistance, glass-like transparency, can withstand bottom shelf dishwasher environment and is BPA (bisphenol A) free.

This food grade plastic injection molding material has been very successful in food service applications where polycarbonate once dominated. We also have experience in injection molding components with very tight tolerance or molded and machined components for critical sealing surfaces. Texas Injection Molding engineers can provide experienced support in the following areas.

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