Plastic Materials for Sports & Outdoor Markets

Injection molded plastics are ideal materials to be used in the design and manufacturing of sporting goods and outdoor products because of their low cost, high strength to weight ratio and performance in demanding applications.  Some of the design aspects that make plastic a good fit for so many applications include the ability to accommodate a wide range of design and functional requirements:

  • Measured by Shore hardness scale, plastics can range from very soft to very rigid and hard. For more information see Resources, Shore Hardness.
  • Measured by ductility plastics can be very flexible to allow for deformation without breaking
  • Measured by tensile, plastics and be very rigid and resist yielding under pressure
  • Impact resistance characteristics enhance toughness
  • Injection molding allows for the manufacturing of complex geometries at low cost
  • Protection from chemical or UV attack
  • Unlimited colors and surface finishes

Injection Molding Sport and Outdoor Product Applications

Plastic materials provide a foundation for design innovations to enhance the performance in every category of sports and outdoor products.  We have a vast resource of plastic injection molded materials to choose from and collaborate with the world’s leading plastics engineering companies to support material engineering for specific applications.

  • Overmolded “soft feel” grips
  • Ultra high density polymers to add weight
  • Coolers and thermal cups
  • Sport court tiles
  • Mouth guards
  • Golf accessories
  • Firearms and hunting accessories (ITAR Registered)
  • Pet products

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