Plastic Injection Molding San Antonio

injection molding San Antonio

Injection Molding Services – Serving the San Antonio Area

Texas Injection Molding has served clients in San Antonio & Central Texas for more than 30 years.  Our representation in the area and manufacturing proximity to San Antonio allows us to provide same-day face to face service and cost-efficient transportation.  The services we offer include:

  • DFM (design for manufacturing)
  • tooling
  • plastic injection molding
  • printing
  • welding
  • mechanical assembly
  • kitting and custom packaging.  

Texas Injection Molding’s manufacturing operations are located in Houston, Texas approximately 180 miles east of San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio is a primary market for us due to long-standing relationships, strong manufacturing community and proximity to our manufacturing operation.

San Antonio Manufacturing

San Antonio is home to more than 1,500 manufacturing companies employing more than 50,000 people.  San Antonio Chamber

Toyota and Caterpillar are a couple of significant manufacturing companies that have contributed to the growth of manufacturing in San Antonio.  San Antonio has a very diverse manufacturing base including companies in the automotive, technology, medical device, and aerospace industries.  S.A.M.A (San Antonio Manufacturers Association)  has represented the manufacturing industry in San Antonio for more than 100 years.  Texas Injection Molding has long-standing relationships with many manufacturing companies in the San Antonio area and has been involved in the design, engineering and injection molding of products and components for many small and large companies. Texas Injection Molding is proud to be a plastic injection molding contributor for the San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Our Strategy

Texas Injection Molding was founded with the vision to build a world class injection molding company serving middle market manufacturing companies in the south-central United States.  We believe that a world class custom injection molding company is built upon People, Process, and Technology.

People – A business is only as good as it’s people.  Our people provide value to our customers through delivering creative ideas and innovative solutions.  As such we seek to build our team with people that share our Core Values and have strong plastic engineering, technical and interpersonal skills.

Process Control – Controlling the manufacturing process is critical to provide for the management and reliable growth of the operation.  We will employ world class systems to control and support information management, manufacturing processes, quality systems, inventory, safety, environmental and other systems necessary to provide our customers defect free products to committed delivery dates.

Technology – Talented people and great systems can only deliver quality injection molded parts on-time with reliable technology.  We are committed to maintain modern injection molding equipment, necessary auxiliary equipment, and supporting quality laboratory and injection mold maintenance and repair resources to support molding production.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can support your plastic injection molding projects in San Antonio.  Contact us today to learn more about custom services for San Antonio at 281-489-4292 or use our Contact Form.