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Texas Injection Molding Adds 5 New Presses

Cincinnati Milacron MT Injection Molding machineIn an effort to service the growth in our existing customers, Texas Injection Molding has added 5 machines and a host of auxiliary equipment to our capacity.  The machines range from a 30 ton vertical machine to a 750 ton machine with 115 oz. shot size.  Machines include 2 new Cincinnati Milacron MT servo hydraulic toggle machines.  The Cincinnati Milacron Magna T Servo offers energy efficiency while providing outstanding repeatability, increased accuracy and precision.

Scott Kelley, President of Texas Injection Molding says “We are excited to bring this new capacity and capabilities this to our team and customers.  We believe a world class company is built upon a foundation of People, Process Control, and providing the our team with the best in Technology to do their job.  The Cincinnati Milacron machines are reflective of our commitment to provide the best in technology tools for our team and our customers.”

Houston Injecton Molder CEO Optimistic about Future Growth Prospects



Three CEOs from regional mid-sized businesses – Jeff Applegate, CEO of Texas Injection Molding,Kenneth Guidry, President of Pannell Kerr Foster of Texas, and Steve Mechler, President, Balfour Beatty Construction, Houston’s Division – joined the panel discussion to share their firsthand insights.

All three CEOs were optimistic about the outlook for middle market companies. In fact, Jeff Applegate is so bullish that he made a big investment in December when he acquired a customized, specialty plastics manufacturer based in the community. His service-oriented, relationship-based approach is fueling a renaissance for middle market manufacturing across the region. Click to read full article.

Texas Injection Molding Featured on ABC News

The United States is entering a manufacturing renaissance.  The energy market and Houston has been leading the economic recovery. Texas Injection Molding is highlighted as a company that is poised to benefit from the economic expansion and growth in the manufacturing sector.  Click to see the ABC News Story

Texas Injection Molding Supports the Manufacturing Renaissance – Made in the USA

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