What is IQMS ERP? The operational heart to any manufacturing organization is the Enterprise Resource Planning system. The ERP system records and manages customer, vendor, inventory, mold, machine and accounting data. If you have been in business in the last 20 years you have been through these implementations and have experienced nightmares or amazing productivity improvements. IQMS is the established industry leader in ERP systems for the injection molding industry.

Why is it important? We like many small – mid sized businesses depend on a few Super Heros to remember all the details and get things done. As the business grows the few Super Heros can only handle so much and the business stalls or service suffers. A good ERP system will allow a business to scale because it defines and manages processes and data. “Tribal knowledge” can be captured, managed and maintained along with automating the daily material and machine planning that consumed the day of key resources. IQMS frees up key people to apply their time and talents to higher level activities to improve quality and service to our customers.

How will it help me? Improved standards for managing data combined with real time connectivity to production is providing more timely and accurate access to information and better service to our customers and vendors. Eliminating redundant data entry and automating material planning is resulting in improved consistency and quality to our customers and vendors. Automated custom reporting will allow routine information to be scheduled and delivered to our partners before needing to ask.