Chris Wasden’s New Book, Tension: The Energy of Innovation

Two of the core values that inspire and drive Texas Injection Molding are:

Innovative and Creative – Our employees are the most valuable asset of the company and the only asset that has the ability to innovate and generate creative ideas to provide solutions to customer challenges.  We will encourage teamwork, creative thinking, and innovation as a primary avenue to add value to our customers, reduce cost and improve quality.  

An Adventure to Live – We will continuously evaluate business opportunities and seek to realize those opportunities that provide great value to the customer, inspire the organization and will provide great satisfaction to the organization when realized.

These values that are part of our DNA inspire us to come to work everyday and overcome the many complex engineering and business challenges encountered as a custom manufacturer every day.  We enjoy working with the entrepreneurs and creative product development people that drive growth and innovation in our customers business.  We know Chris Wasden from his time in Houston Texas as part of the Houston Technology Center. Chris has built an exciting career developing and commercializing products and is now sharing his experiences in his new book Tension:  The Energy of Innovation.  We have the privilege to collaborate with bringing plastic injection molded products to market in many industries and enjoy participating with our customers in moving through the innovation to commercialization life cycle.  Texas Injection Molding is pleased to support Chris Wasden’s work to identify the different personalities and requirements of the product life cycle.

The engineering and development team at Texas Injection Molding would be pleased to help you in bringing your innovation to life by participating in the plastic part design review, plastic tooling and business planning.  We collaborate with many manufacturers in the Houston area and enjoy helping to connect others with the manufacturing community in Houston.