Design For Manufacturing

Our Plastics Engineering team delivers our customers Design and Tooling Slider 2 copy the best practices and knowledge gained in supporting the design and engineering of hundreds of plastic parts.  Specifically we offer:

– Review of Industrial Design concepts and models for plastic injection molded parts and components

– Engineering expertise in selecting the best performing and cost effective plastic resins for the product application.

– Review of mechanical, environmental and thermal properties

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The plastic prototyping, modeling and “bridge-to-production” tooling Design and Tooling Slider 2 copy technology is rapidly changing. Texas Injection Molding 3D plastic printed boltmaintains a network of industry leading providers to deliver our customers a broad range of material, size and processes to model and replicate performance as close as possible to production units. The services we offer include:

Laser Sintering

Additive Metals (DMLS)

Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Stereolithography (SL)

Casting and Modeling

3D Printing

Machining and Post process finishing

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The heart of everything we do revolves around the tooling Design and Tooling Slider 2 copy for the injection molding process. Our engineering and management all have led and managed injection molding tooling shops. We deliver the experience of in-house tool design/build and a network of N. American and Plastic Injection toolingglobal relationships of “world-class” partners to deliver cost effective molds all built to Society of Plastic Industry mold building standards. Tool maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and consistent processing performance. Texas Injection molding employs routine preventative maintenance procedures on all injection molds as specified by our customer or engineering to ensure proper performance. From time to time tools may need additional maintenance or repair due to normal use and will be reviewed and quoted to our customer before work is completed.

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Custom Injection Molding

We operate injection molding machines from 55 ton toDesign and Tooling Slider 2 copy800 U.S. tons with a maximum 107 oz. shot capacity. Machines are modern, well maintained and calibrated to ensure repeatability from shot to shot. We have experience molding commodity and engineering materials including HDPE, PP, ABS, SAN, PS, PC, PBT, Nylon, GF Nylon, TPU, TPE, POM/Acetal, PPS and many custom compounded engineering resins. Texas Injection Molding has capability of operating tools with multiple core pulls, hand-loaded cores, unscrewing cores and experience in insert molding.

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Secondary Services

Secondary operations can be completed at the press or Design and Tooling Slider 2 copyoff-line as required. We offer mechanical assembly, packaging, kitting, printing, machining, heat staking, and sonic welding of plastic components.

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Embedded RFID

Identify, protect and track valuable assets with embedded Design and Tooling Slider 2 copyRFID. Texas Injection Molding collaborates with leading RFID hardware and Systems Integrators to bring the experience of plastic injection molding to embedded RFID. Custom plastic injection molded RFID tags allow for RFID to be utilized in harsh environments and provide superior resistance to water, salt, petroleum, chemical and resistance to shock, vibration, and high pressure and extreme temperature environments. RFID tags can be insert molded in to various shapes to fit you specific applications such as custom containers, tags, plugs, threaded caps, buttons or any other part that needs to be tracked or identified. RFID tags can be injection molded in many thermoplastic resins to fit the application. Low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) or UHF configurations are available. Contact a plastics engineer to discuss your application.

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