plastic injection molded oilfield

Houston is the center of the global energy industry and has provided us the rich opportunity to design, engineer and manufacture products for every area from exploration to production and distribution.  We have decades of experience working with oilfield engineers and entrepreneurs to develop many products and have been involved in the testing and specifying of many engineering grade plastics for oilfield applications.

Plastic Oilfield Component Manufacturing

  • Starting with the geophysical industry we have worked closely to design, engineer, and manufacture both plastic injection molded and extruded products for the geophysical industry.
  • We have been involved in the injection molding of many parts to support the drilling operation including components for drill bits, mud testing, centralizers, rod guides, containment barriers, and plastic enclosures for explosives and perforating.  We have developed plastic materials for injection molding balls for hydraulic fracturing and materials for enhancing production.
  • Injection molded pipe joints, thread protectors, extruded pipe liners used in both shallow wells as well as deep wells with high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments.
  • Injection molded high temperature seals, pump impellers and specialty electrical connectors for downhole equipment.
  • Plastic molded offshore platform bumpers, clamps, strain relief or bend restrictors for cabling and components for subsea umbilicals.
  • Plastic injection molding for equipment used in distribution pipelines and thermoplastic resins used to repair pipelines.


We are excited about the new technologies in the oilfield and the opportunities they breed for product development.  If we can help you with our project please call us 281 489-4292 or use our Contact Form.