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Texas Injection Molding supports HCC New Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Houston manufacturing community just got a big boost from a significant investment by the Houston Community College Advanced Manufacturing Training Center. Equipped with multiple brand new CNC machines, robotics lab, HVAC lab, Welding lab and 3D printing lab, HCC has the resources for students to practice their skills and employers to bring new talent to market. Jeff Applegate serves on the industry advisory board and participated in the grand opening of the HCC Advanced Manufacturing Center.

Go TEAM Texas Injection Molding

Team Texas Injection Molding

We believe that when we care for each other everything else takes care of itself.  We have such a great team and are proud manufacturers for some of the best companies in the world.


Small Manufacturers Influencing Local Policy and Educational Institutions

Manufacturing Today


This is the last of 4 articles related to building a local manufacturing association written for Manufacturing Today.  The article highlights the benefits of small manufacturing companies working with your local government and educational institutions.

Happy Mothers Day 2016!

Everyone receives a carnation and card to celebrate all of our mothers.

Mothers Day 2016-3

Mothers Day 2016-2

Celebrating Easter – He is RISEN!


Felices PASCUAS! – Happy EASTER!
Thanks to all that made this Easter special for our team at Texas Injection Molding.  He has Risen!  He has Risen Indeed! 

Jeff and Scott turn 50!!

Happy Birthday to Jeff and Scott!  March 2016




Plays Well With Others

Manufacturing Today



Jeff Applegate writes the third article in a series on building a local manufacturing community for Manufacturing Today. This article discusses the benefits of working with other community organizations.

Hunt In a Pack

Manufacturing Today



Jeff Applegate writes the second article in a series on building a local manufacturing community for Manufacturing Today. This article shares the benefits of the manufacturing community working together to get projects completed and build revenue for those who make the investment in building relationships among their peers.

Texas Injection Molding Builds Technical Center



Following the path to lead with technology and be the very best contract injection molding partner to our customers, we completed a substantial investment in building the Texas Injection Molding Technical Center and Tool Shop.  We believe having a full-service tool shop with capabilities beyond mold repair and mold maintenance to include engineering changes and even complete in-house mold builds is critical to positioning Texas Injection Molding as the “technology leader” in custom injection molding in Texas.  We have recently added Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities that will allow us to burn precision geometry into a metal mold components.  

We have also added the HURCO VMX50 S CNC machine.  The HURCO VMX is built for performance.  The machining center’s table size of 59″ X 26″ and 3000# capacity provide the capability to provide high precision machining of the larger injection molds serviced by Texas Injection Molding. The UltiMax® 4 Programming Station of the VMX50 applies Hurco’s patented Conversational software to simplify shop floor programming and editing so that machinists can quickly input part parameters, verify that specifications are correct, and begin the machining operations. In addition, the UltiMax® 4 features graphic simulation of the part in two dimensions, invaluable in previewing what has been programmed prior to actual machining. DXF capabilities are also included.

This is an exciting addition to our capabilities and will position the company to be the best partner for custom and contract plastic injection molding in Texas.

Reshoring Injection Molding Considerations and Checklist

In recent years some of the offshoring of everything manufactured has lost is luster.  Quality concerns, concerns about intellectual property, local service and JIT inventory, communication, and increasing labor and shipping costs are just a few of the reasons there has been a growing trend toward reshoring manufacturing back to the United States.  Texas Injection Molding has participated in a number of reshoring projects that were driven by these factors and found this article by Brian Buntz informative for those considering reshoring.  If we can be of any help please feel free to contact us.